Organic Foods

February 8, 2017

Tips to Identify Organic Foods

In this age of time, human race is growing at a very fast pace. Population of the entire globe has increased significantly over the past few years.As a result, demand for goods is increasing day by day and to meet those demands people have been looking for shortcuts. Aim is to get more from less that too in lesser time. Consequently, quality of the products has decreased drastically. Without doubt, since the day human race started‘Food’ has been the greatest necessity.

As we progressed, we figured out new ways to yield more from crops and fulfill the needs of ever growing population. But in that process, the natural element of that grown food was killed, and what we eat today is laden with chemicals and toxins, causing various diseases. But as people got aware, they started leaning towards Organic Foods, (edible products that are grown without using chemicals and growth boosters). But sellers can trick you in buying Non-organic produce by labeling them organic. To be safe from such scam you need the eye to differentiate between the two. Here are some tips you could use to choose the nature over chemicals


If they are grown the natural way, there will no uniformity and they will always be different looking. No two apples would look the same; no two mangoes would look the same; the lentils won’t have a uniform color, and etc. In short nature doesn’t follow the rule of making things identical when it comes to food.


Organic foods don’t come in huge sizes. All those gigantic potatoes you see, all those large sized apples you see, all those big tomatoes you see, they all are straight away unnaturally grown. You need to compromise on size if you need organic.


Natural is tasty; man-made is not, simple as that. You can taste a significant difference when you cook an organic vegetable or eat any organic fruit. Whatever is grown the unnatural way cannot have the taste that organic offer.


Once you try the naturally grown produce, you’ll never want to go back. Natural is really healthy, and is very digestive friendly. It can for sure help you solve most of the stomach issues you have, plus you won’t ever feel heavy.

Cooks Faster, Organic foods cook way more quickly than the chemically grown. As they are given proper to ripen up, they don’t need to be cooked for long. Saving both money and time.

The Divine Smell, Nature has always been good to human senses, they look good, they taste good, they feel good to touch and they smell good. Organic produce has its own strong aromatic smell, if you add any natural spice to your food or any natural herb, you will definitely feel the difference, they are jam packed with flavor and their fragrance is to die for.

Keep these points in mind, next time you go shopping. Be smart, buy organic and stay healthy.