Organic Foods

January 24, 2017

Popularity of Organic foods: Reasons

There is no doubt in the fact that organic foods are healthier as compared to inorganic foods. According to a research conducted by the famous American Cancer Society, 85% of cancers are produced from toxins of environmental nature like pesticides etc. Recent studies that have been done on the subject tell us that organic foods are environment friendly. These foods do not require much water and they produce far lesser amount of soil erosion and toxic pesticides. Another important fact about organic foods is that these foods have high nutrient level. In this article we will briefly see some of the reasons why consumption of Organic foods has increased in recent years.


There are many reasons that have made organic foods popular among the masses. However some of the major reasons are as follows

Organic Foods are healthier

The plantation of organic foods is usually done through utilization of organic fertilizers. The beauty of these organic fertilizers lies in the fact that these fertilizers do not cause any kind of damage to the soil. On the contrary these fertilizers make the soil more fertile which ultimately results in the provision of essential elements to the plants. The organic plants grow in a soil which is full of healthy nutrients. According to some studies the level of nutrients in organic foods is 500% higher than foods of ordinary nature. Another thing which makes organic foods healthier is that these foods do not contain any nitrate content that may trigger cancer.

Soil Feasibility

Due to industrial growth and other such factors, the degradation of soil has become a common phenomenon. It is important to know that soil has considerable influence on the overall quality of our food (vegetables and fruits). It is feared that if soil pollution is not stopped within time then things can become really worse in the future. The planting of organic foods actually make the soil strong and results in soil vitality maintenance.

Food Taste

The natural ingredients of any product remain safe and secure if they are cultivated in organic fields. The cultivation methodology of organic foods is special and results in preservation of natural ingredients. No matter how one cooks the organic food, it is 100% guaranteed that the actual/natural taste of the product will remain intact. The case is same with all kinds of organic foods whether it is meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruits

Low amount of Chemicals

It is a known fact that the organic foods are natural and they do not contain any kind of artificial ingredients and chemicals that may be harmful for the human body. The fields or places that are certified as organic by agencies have to comply with the rules. One of these rules is to limit the use of chemicals. Similarly organic foods are also free from GMO’s which means that the food is 100% healthy.

These were some of the major reasons behind the fame and popularity of Organic foods.