December 11, 2016

About Me

Organic farming is becoming more and more popular nowadays. It basically refers to a kind of farming in which natural ways are used for the rearing of animals and cultivation of plants. The process of organic farming involves the utilization of materials which are biological in nature. The presence of biological materials means that synthetic substances are not used which ultimately results in healthier food and clean environment. The organic farming revolves around agricultural principles such as green manure, rock additives, organic waste, biological paste control and crop rotation.

The items that are produced organically are known to have high nutrients. In other words it can be said that the fruits and vegetables that are produced through organic farming are healthier as compared to the ones that are produced conventionally. The nutritional value of any kind of food item is judged by the number of vitamins and minerals that are present in it. Basically in organic farming the soil nutrients are enhanced and these enhanced nutrients get into the animals and the plants.

The organic farming is very healthy and the items produced through it are poison free. In organic farming poisonous chemicals, weedicides and pesticides are not utilized. Non usage of harmful substances means that consuming organically produced items will decrease the chances of harmful diseases in your body. Organic farming produces naturally fruits and vegetables which have a much enhanced taste. Actually organic farming enhances the sugar content in the produce, which ultimately results in taste enhancement. Usually brix analysis is used to measure the food quality.

For organic farming you need to get a proper certification from relevant authorities. All the major countries of the world such as USA, Japan, Mexico and Canada have the certification rule in their constitution as far as organic foods are concerned. The certification is a surety that the entity producing organic foods will follow all the farming and rearing rules of organic farming. The strict standards set by the government actually mean that the overall quality of organic foods is very high as compared to non-organic items. Different countries have different certification authorities however the most popularauthorities are those of European commission and US department of Agriculture.

Through this website we will provide the masses with all the relevant information about organic farming. We will share the methodologies and tactics that should be used for organic farming. We will share all the latest researches and news articles on the subject as well so that you may remain updated with regards to organic farming. We have segmented the website based on countries, so that you may find the rules and regulations pertaining to organic farming as per your country. A chat forum is also there in the website where you can converse with other organic farmers like you. You can talk to these farmers and exchange rich information with them. Lastly all the information related to organic foods has also been added in the website and you can see the health benefits of each organic item with ease.