January 11, 2017

Non-Organic Food: Health Issues

Non Organic food is available in almost every country of the world. People consume this food thinking that it is normal to have it. However the fact of the matter is that Non-organic food can cause some serious health issues. In this article we will list some health issues that can be caused by non-organic foods. When we say non-organic, then we actually mean all categories of food, weather it is fruits, vegetables or meat. The health issues are discussed in the heading below

Health Issues caused by Non-Organic Foods

  • Non-organic items like Gelatin Desserts, Gum, Pudding and tea contain a substance or in other words an additive by the name of acesulfame K. This additive can cause cancer in the human body. The additive has already been tested on Animals and the result has been very negative. The additive is also known to trigger mental issues as well.
  • Non-organic items like bread, baked goods, soup, potato flakes and cereal etc. contain BHA and BHT. Both these chemicals fall into the category of antioxidants and are added in food items that contain too much oil and fats. Both of these chemicals have the ability to generate cancer.
  • Non-Organic meat contains Nitrate and sodium nitrite. Both these chemicals are used to preserve the freshness of the meat. If such kind of meat is cooked at a high temperature then that will result in various kinds of illness. Both these chemicals can also contribute towardsgenerating cancer in the human body.
  • Items like chips and other snacks should be checked properly before eating. The ingredients should be properly screened before purchasing any of these items. Some of the chips and snacks contain Olestra which is known to produce harmful diseases like diarrhea.
  • Non-Organic fruits, beef, soya bean oil and juice should be avoided. If the mentioned food items are not organic then this means that you are exposing yourself to harmful pesticides. These pesticides can get built in your system and can be toxic as well. These pesticides can really damage your body and can prevent absorption of healthy nutrients.
  • Chemicals like Ethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol are very much there in modern day gels, hairsprays, fat free ice-creams and toothpastes. These chemicals can be very harmful for the human body as they can cause birth defects, heart problems, nerve degeneration, infertility and abnormalities pertaining to kidney, brain and liver.

These were some of the major health issues that you can face through consumption of Non Organic food items. If you can afford organic items then you should quite non-organic food items as quickly as possible. No matter how big a brand name is and no matter how huge its market is, you need to check whether the particular brand is offering organic items or non-organic items. Today is the age of internet and through internet you can find the brands that are offering organic items. The listing of such brands can be easily searched out by you.