December 28, 2016

Major Benefits of Organic foods

The concept of organic food has gained a lot of fame among the masses and a lot of researches have been published on the subject proving that these foods are healthy and are ideal for human consumption. There is no doubt that organic foods have many potential benefits and through this article we will share these benefits with the masses. Though you can find these benefits through an internet search as well, however most of the information on the subject is scattered on the internet. The purpose of this article is to merge all the major benefits of organic foods on one platform.


The potential benefits of organic foods are as follows

  • According to the research conducted by the European Union, the organic foods particularly the vegetables and foods have more antioxidants then ordinary foods. More antioxidantsmean that consumption of such foods will prevent diseases like cancer. The organic foods also have more minerals and vitamins as compared to ordinary foods.
  • Organic foods are tastier as compared to their conventional counterparts. Perhaps this is the reason why many top rated restaurants and hotels use organic items for preparation of different meals which they offer to their customers. A conventional fruit or vegetable may look fresh and healthy; however in reality it has no taste, particularly if you compare it with organic foods.
  • The chemical pesticides which are used for the production of non-organic items are known to produce harmful substance that can trigger harmful diseases like cancer, endocrine disorders, infertility and convulsionsetc., the advantage of organic foods lies in the fact that they are free of such chemicals and pesticides.
  • Organic foods are ideal for a healthy environment. The farming methods which are conventional in nature can destroy the soil. Conventional farming also uses some very harmful pesticides and chemicals as well. A good example would be of DDT which has been banned in conventional farming; however it is still used as a pesticide. As opposed to conventional farming the organic farming uses natural ingredients which ultimately have a positive impact on the overall environment.
  • A research was conducted back in the year 2008 by state of science. According to this research organic foods are more nutritious then organic foods.

Economic Benefits of Organic foods

  • Organic foods reduce the risk of harmful diseases which means that your overall health cost gets lowered. Though one may not feel this benefit, however its impact is huge
  • Normally the brain of the human body tells the body to eat in a partial way. This it does on the basis of number of nutrients it is getting. Since organic foods have more nutrients hence it is a 100% surety that your brain will not tell your body to eat continuously as is the case with junk foods.
  • If you purchase the organic food from the farmer market then that will be very inexpensive for you
  • You can grow your own organic vegetables and fruits as well which means no purchasing from the market

These were some of the benefits of organic foods