January 30, 2017

Some interesting facts about Organic Foods

A lot of articles and researches have already been published in relation to organic foods. This particular article will only serve as a contribution to all the other published researches on the subject. In this article we will share with you some interesting facts about organic foods which many people do not know about. These facts will surely help you in enhancing your knowledge about organic foods. The facts are discussed in the headings below

Organic food is not a new idea

Long before the starting of World WarII, the crops that were grown in this world were organic. The age of non-organic farming came much later after the war, when farmers went for new plantation techniques and methodologies. The farmers went for different chemicals that helped in providing security to the crops from harmful insects. They did not know the negative effects of these chemicals.

Organic foods are not meant for the rich only

Though organic foods are costly, however efforts are being made by many well-known companies to make this food accessible to common man. The companies which are involved in this social work are Walmart and growing power etc. through these companies you can purchase affordable organic items.

Organic food is ideal for pregnant woman

Organic food is beneficial for all those women who are expecting. Normal food contains some level of pesticides in them. These pesticides can damage the fetus.

Ignore Seafood organic labels

There are no set standards as far organic fish is concerned. If you see that a fish in market is labeled as organic then ignore this label and move on.

Rinsing the pesticides

Many people wash the conventional fruits and vegetables thinking that washing will remove harmful elements and pesticides. Well this assumption is wrong, if the conventional produce is not cultivated in an organic way then nothing in the world can make it organic. No matter how much you wash it and no matter what you do, you cannot get rid of the harmful consequences.

Avoid processed food

If you find processed food labeled as organic then it means that such food is free from irradiation, artificial ingredients and preservatives. However since this food is processed hence it is still not good for eating.

Non sustainability of conventional farming

Though conventional farming has its benefits, however the issue is that this type of farming only provides short term benefits. The application of conventional farming is serving as a barrier for organic farming.

The organic seeds are not safe

The companies that produce seeds are not treating these seeds in an organic way which means that these seeds cannot be used in conditions which are organic in nature. The importance of seed is equal to the importance of soil as far as organic farming is concerned.

There are various other facts pertaining to organic farming and as more research is done on the subject, we will get more insight on the topic in the future.